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September 07, 2015

Mickey & Albert

By: Nicky Park

Campus Commons, a peaceful and quiet community which attracts warm and friendly people; Mickey and Albert are no exception.

Mickey and Albert have been living in their Campus Commons home for a year and have no regrets about their move from Land Park after 40 years.  In fact, the original home they set out to buy was in Campus Commons, but it sold so quickly, they settled in Land Park. When the opportunity came to buy again, they did not hesitate and their current home was only on the market for one day.  In essence, Mickey waited, “forty years to by this house.” And he recommends that, “If you find something you want, you need to buy it right now.” Albert added that between the house they stayed in for 40 years, and Campus Commons, after only a year he likes “this house much better.”

One reason they have found, that makes this area so popular, is the accessibility to so many things: doctors, dentists, restaurants, grocery, freeways, everything they need is just around the corner, “centrally located” as Mickey puts it which is “so handy, it’s unbelievable.” In addition to such a convenient location, the houses are placed in such a way that one won’t even notice that the hustle and bustle of Howe Avenue is just a matter of blocks away. They have counted up to 17 turkeys that meander across the grassy mounds between the homes, as well as ducks and geese.

Another reason Campus Commons is such a commodity, is the community itself. Albert refers to the residents as “sociable” and Mickey states they know at least 25 people in their village along, and they are “very friendly here.” Good neighbors are an asset, especially with the shared pool, hot tub, small lake and clubhouse. People walk their pets around the common areas, and stop to chat with the neighbors they encounter. Every Friday the clubhouse holds themed get-togethers for the residents to attend, and they also offer various different classes for the residents ranging from art to language, and more.

Mickey and Albert are surrounded by peaceful aspect of nature outside, within their patio, within their atrium and even in their home. Their walls are full of quality art, old and new and Mickey can probably tell a story behind each one. Albert stated, “I liked them all,” when asked if he had a particular favorite, but they both value a piece drawn only by colored pencils, of a villa in Venice, by a gentleman named, Mike Kelly. They have done almost nothing in terms of renovation and solely continue to refine the house by the fine furniture, art, and people, they have inside.