Recently I have become extremely interested in owning a piece of Americana. Spending my day-to-day helping clients finance properties certainly reminds me of all things great about this wonderful country we live in. But I am not talking about home ownership when I refer to owning a piece of Americana. I am referring to the iconic RV trailer known as the Airstream. Since the 1930s, the Airstream trailer has been capturing the eye and hearts of millions of Americans when seen bouncing down the highways traveling to some great campsite destination. We are heading into Summer-- the Hot Season for home purchases and family vacations. I can only imagine where those lucky folks are headed on the open freeways throughout the U.S.A., especially when trailering one of those shiny aluminum space-age looking Airstreams. How fortunate we are to have such freedoms we often take for granted. I have been researching prices of late and vintage trailers and have profoundly discovered that the difference in models and pricing varies greatly by certain years, models and of course condition and renovations. Certain models and sizes are extremely popular and accordingly fetch great values when changing hands. These popular models really hold their value well and are hard to acquire in the open market because they are in high demand.

I am reminded by Airstream that innovative people can create something unique with craftsmanship and quality that stand the test of time. If that timeframe is long enough and iconic enough it can become a piece of Americana. Airstream certainly is Americana in my mind.

Isn’t it interesting the similarities between the popular Airstream trailers and acquiring homes in desirable neighborhoods in and around Sacramento? Quite close I would argue. Purchasing a home today is no different than what I have discovered in the Airstream market. Certain neighborhoods, certain home models, and the special craftsmanship in certain areas fetch strong values in the resale purchase market. As a resident of East Sacramento the market for homes in the neighborhood is great, meaning active, but certainly inventory is limited.  Popularity of the East Sac neighborhood and other great locales like Curtis Park, and Land Park are desirable for so many reasons. I have come to appreciate what these neighborhood share, they offer quality: quality of life, community, restaurants, breweries, old school ice cream stops, 4th of July parades, tree lined streets, summer events, not mention proximity to the Sacramento Downtown/Midtown business district and the start of the American River Trail. With all the great things happening in the Downtown area like the Kings Stadium, redevelopment projects for housing and retail mix use, everyone wants to be close to the action. Things are certainly buzzing in the City. We are seeing relocations from the suburbs to the city every single day, which is a major shift from the suburban sprawl of past decades . 

Right now is a great time to consider purchasing your first home, moving up, or relocating to the neighborhood you have been wanting to occupy, not to mention refinance if you already live in the home you love and enjoy. Interest rates continue to remain favorable. Why is this so important? Well for new home purchases the interest rates are helping improve your purchasing power. The low interest rates mean lower payments, and loan qualifications are determined by your income to debt ratios. Lower rates, means lower ratios, which means you can afford to acquire a home of higher value. If you have any notion of moving or staying make sure you consult a home lending expert for your options. Pick up the phone and call me! I am happy to help.