This announcement thrills me to no end. Jamie and I are pleased to announce that we've grown from a team to a group in on fell swoop!! We are happy to introduce the addition of 2 new buyers agents who started with us in late August: Cinderella Silva and Darren Babby.

Cinderella has been a resident of Sacramento for 6 years and absolutely loves it. She moved here to attend CSUS, but has stayed well after graduation for the fabulous restaurants, beautiful parks, warm and friendly people, and great entertainment. With a passion for nutrition, cooking, and traveling she is always out exploring the town. When not in the office you can find her riding her bike with her husband and beloved dog Chewy, taking in the local flavors of midtown at Uncle Vito’s, Tres Hermanans, Old Soul, Paesano’s, and countless farmers markets. She is familiar with all of Sacramento's neighborhoods, and is an expert in Midtown, Oak Park, and La Riviera areas. She has the ability to assist you in selecting the best location, lender, and negotiating a purchase that fits your needs. Cinderella truly has real estate in her blood, is passionate about her work, and is continuously seeking to stay ahead of the game when it comes to market education and new trends. She has a keen eye for possibility and has seen local growth and development enough to knows this is the time to be part of this great community. 

We also have the pleasure of working with Darren Babby. I've known Darren Babby for some time since our days at a previous brokerage and since my first encounters with him on many a broker's open tour. It was then and there I was able to see his knowledge and expertise shine. His thoughtful and trained eye on matters of construction can point out both challenges and benefits of a particular home and I continue to be truly impressed by his knowledge and acumen when it comes to residential real estate. His previous professional experience includes lending, construction and commercial real estate management. Additionally, his upbeat and positive attitude is something I can more than identify with and am pleased to have yet another sunny disposition inhabit the group. Welcome aboard Darren!

So you may ask why the group? And the answer is simple. It adds yet another solid element to the marketing and exposure of your listing. Or should you have the pleasure of working with Jamie, Cinderella or Darren on the buying side, they give you opportunity for upcoming or off-market listings. No stone will be left unturned with a group on your side. This offers assistance while also giving you, the seller that much more of a competitive edge. 

Thanks for all your support and we look forward to working with you in the future!