Written by Nicky Park   |   Photos by Zephyr McIntyre

Many readers have homes, many homes have lawns, yards, gardens…some are cared for by green thumbs, others not so much. But do not be discouraged, brown thumbs! There are resources out there for you. Outdoor Living Services, in particular, can aid every foliage need. Outdoor Living Services and Green Care Exterior Maintenance, are subsidiary companies of Red Leaf Developments. Outdoor Living Services specializes in smaller landscape renewal and curb appeal in addition to pool repairs, irrigation and much more. Green Care Exterior Maintenance specializes in lawn work (mowing, blowing hedging, weed eating, pesticide control, sprinkler repair), pruning, fertilizing…the works. Chad Wagoner is the account manager for both subsidiaries; and Chad makes things happen! He will help out a friend in a pinch at the eleventh hour and he aims to please. In fact, he said that someone’s positive reaction to their handywork is in itself payment.

Chad works on jobs ranging from $500-$15,000 and he says each job “is pretty special to me from start to finish.” A project can take anywhere from one to eight days. Think about it: you could go on vacation and come back to a secret garden in a formerly unsatisfying back yard.

Chad says, “I love working with people, giving them ideas, and exceeding what they visualize.” Chad’s process is simple, he gets to know his customer, what they like, and he works around that, designing and choosing plants based on a client’s wants or needs. For example, many clients are looking for an eco-friendly yard. Chad uses drought tolerant plants and a drip system. The recent droughts have prompted many clients to ask for river beds, rocks, bark, and less plant life. Chad is happy to accommodate, and his favorite aspect is working with plants, learning new species and implementing them in a still eco-friendly habitat. His enthusiasm is great enough to be teased by his friends when he points out a plant in passing and identifies it.

Because of Chad’s vast knowledge of horticulture and plant design, we are seeking his advice and sharing it with you, seasonally. For the summer, Chad suggests hearty perennials, they work well in the Sacramento climate, you can cut them down in the winter and they will pop back up in the spring. True geraniums add a splash of happiness and color. Specifically, the cranesbill geranium (Rozanne) blooms several times throughout the year and matches the color of the changing seasons. This summer, consider some ornamental grasses; Lomandra 'Breeze' is a very hearty yet wistful accommodation, and Liriope (Silvery Sunproof) adds depth to your yard (not to be confused with carex). All are great for summer, requiring an average of watering three times a week, depending on the temperature outside.

Chad will be back in the fall for more outside advice!  

Chad Wagoner | (916) 708-0753 | Chad.Wagoner@GCexterior.com