Written by Katie Rubin | Photos by Jason Stanton

Many of us have passing ideas of doing something cool like starting a healthy Juice Bar in East Sacramento that would inspire people to snack well, and heal their colons.  But few of us actually DO something cool like starting a healthy Juice Bar in East Sacramento that would inspire people to snack well and heal their colons.

Thankfully, Jeff Greco is not “many of us.”

He is the kind heart and focused mind behind East Sac’s “Liquidology,” the clean, modern, high-ceiling-ed Juice Bar offering refreshing, digestive-system cleansing juices with fun-ciful names like Blackberry Super Hero, Over the Rainbow, and, their most popular drink, Vitality. 

“Adults usually like Vitality because it’s got a ton of greens, so it’s an easy way for the body to quickly absorb a ton of nutrients all at once.  Plus it tastes great.” says Jeff in his signature laid-back style.  “And the kids love Over the Rainbow because it’s so sweet!   We get a lot more kids in here than we ever thought we would before we opened because their parents think ‘Let’s get the kids a treat that’s sweet but totally organic,” so they come to us - and we love that!”

And he actually DOES- Jeff Greco sincerely loves you and your kids!  After enjoying a successful tech-industry career in the Bay Area, Jeff left it all to teach high school math.  “It was always a dream of mine to teach so when I was getting ready to start having a family of my own, I thought the time was right.  Also, the teaching lifestyle seemed like a great one to raise kids in.  And it was.  I loved it.”

When I asked Jeff if he eventually burned out on kids or teaching, he said “No.  Not at all.  I love it.  I still tutor my daughter’s friends!”  When I asked him how he got into to Juice Biz, he told me that his wife’s Nutrition Oncology background had a strong influence on his desire to do so. 

“She was seeing people really transform through juicing, and when I tried it, I felt so much better that I just got really inspired…  I always had digestive problems, but when I started juicing, it got so much better.  And that was really exciting for me.” 

And just so you’re aware, while the juice business may seem like a simple one:  buy vegetables, squeeze the juice out, package, sell; it is not.  Because Jeff’s Juices (possible second store name?) are Cold Pressed and 100% organic, their packing facility in midtown Sacramento has to meet seemingly endless government standards to make sure that your health is accounted for. 

Jeff’s packing facility employees Cold Press their fruits and veggies, using no heat and no oxidation, which keeps the produce from breaking down or losing ANY of its nutritional value.  Then they pack it, and ship it to their retail store on H and 48th, where it can only live safely on their shelves for 4 days.  You see, when you add no chemicals to food, food eventually goes bad and needs to go bye bye.  But/and!  When you add no chemicals to food, boy is your body happy to receive it.

“If there’s one thing I always try to tell people about juicing, it’s that it’s super easy to start doing because you can think of it as an addition to your life.  Eat what you eat now, just start adding in one healthy juice a day, or every other day.  And eventually you may discover that you actually prefer it to some of the other things you’re eating.  Then you can go from there.  You don’t have to stop eating or be a radical about juicing.  You can use it to supplement what you’re already doing.  So, it’s easy and stress free!”

Just like Jeff’s store.  Easy.  Stress Free.  And deeeeelicious. 

I hope to see you there soon!  (So I can fight your kids for the last Over the Rainbow.)