Women of Sacramento, this article is for you!

Vintage is the new black. What’s old is new. What once was hip is hip again. Repurposed… We are talking about vintage fashion (clothes and accessories from the nineties and earlier).

Public Relations Specialist, Nancy Mallory, looks upon this fashion movement and scouts timeless pieces that she collects for her pop up shop, It’s On!. And it is on; she has a curated collection of quality clothing and jewelry waiting to be a part of new memories. Pop ups are stores without walls that may show up on the sidewalk of second Saturday, or at a large fundraising event. They can go anywhere at any time, which is the convenience of pop ups. Many people use trucks, Nancy plans to use vertical luggage, to essentially unfold her store. These pop ups are more than racks of clothes though; Nancy creates an experience through her pop up events, an experience that is light, friendly, fun and inspiring.

Nancy believes that “everything has a story.” For example, she has a dress that was owned by Maria Shriver, a dress from a museum in New York, and several unique, one-of-a-kind fashion finds. She has dresses that were kept for an entire lifetime, with the tags still on, waiting for the special occasion that never came to the original owner. So, the special occasion is now, for you.

“Friends and people I meet inspire me,” Nancy says, which is why she takes to customizing a look, an ensemble, for her consumer when they visit a pop up. You don’t have to spend a lot to look good. But this is more than just aesthetics. This is about empowering yourself. This is about confidence. If you look good, you feel good, and you carry yourself in that way. These nuances matter in day to day life. It is also likely that someone who purchases from It’s On! will hear the phrase, “I’ve never seen that before,” which is exactly what Nancy hopes to achieve.

Here’s how it started. Nancy has invested twenty years thus far into public relations. When business slowed down, she wanted to take on a new project. She knows all the ins-and-outs of public relations, and events, and she also loves fashion. She wanted to know what would happen if she combined her three passions, and It’s On! was the result.

Even though Nancy knows public relations is her calling, this business, and the utilization of interns allow her the opportunity to support others and help them, as she says, “reach their destiny sooner.” She has connected with other female Sacramento business owners and popped-up here and there to great success, the non-profit organizations that she donates a percentage to will agree.

Here are some specifics: Nancy recently scouted an elegant dress of hand-sewn lace and beads, she altered it, and kept the sleeves because they were simply too lovely to toss. Now with those jeweled sleeves, someone will be able to proudly wear a hand-made bracelet on a special evening out.

Look forward to seeing more from Nancy, she is a Sacramento local in love with her community, the delta breeze and the town’s ever growing personality, so she’s not going anywhere!

Catch her final 2016 pop up on November 5th at Byuti Salon. Visit www.itsonshop.com to meet the style scouts, sign-up for the newsletter, view the collection and shop.