Here's a look at 2016 in 95819!

--By Michael Glascock

This graph clearly illustrates with oh-so-vibrant colors a truly far from vibrant market for buyers. Though active listings have increased in the last 30 days, the desire and demand to live in 95819 outweighs the opportunity.

Graph #2 offers a grand perspective on price per square foot. This only goes to show what happens when inventory dwindles...

This glacial perspective shows truly how much of a seller's market it is in 95819!!! Six months of inventory is considered an even market... and here we are looking at just over two-thirds of a month! If you are living in the 95819... things are more than fine.

***Should you have any further questions or desire any more colorful and informative charts and graphs, feel free to contact me at any time. I'm never to busy for your referrals!***
Onward & Upward,