Written by Nicky Park | Photogrphy by Zephyr McIntyre

There is something about Sacramento! Time and time again we hear about how geographically Sacramento is in the middle of everything: water, mountains, deserts… But there is some inexplicable appeal to this small metropolis, because when locals leave, they frequently return.

Erica and Keegan, for example, grew up in Sacramento and graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in the early 2000s. Erica headed for the bay area for college, and after she graduated, found herself back here. Now she has a career as an environmental scientist. Keegan chose to aid and protect others by becoming a police officer.

This congenial couple lived modestly for about two years in the Freeport/Land Park area. They enjoyed its proximity to downtown, but it simply wasn’t enough space for them. After renting for a while, they realized that as nice as their landlords were they wanted to make their own changes, and invest in something bigger. They were engaged, and knew they needed space to expand their family, wink, wink.

Married last May, they found their place by happenstance. Erica said “we weren’t that serious when we found the house.” They would surf the net and look at things here and there, but had the luxury of time. Keegan said they had a vague conception of the home buying process, but really needed guidance. These two are eternally grateful for the services Michael Glascock provided because he helped them through the home buying process from beginning to end. They especially appreciated his responsiveness and availability. Because of this assistance they found a home in a cluster of homes with similar designs, and they got one of the last two in the group, the show house.  This provided them the opportunity, as Erica said, to get more “bang for your buck.” The bang she refers to is a three bedroom/two bathroom house with a spacious back yard.

When they moved in in September, they had next to no remodeling or touching up to do. They added curtains, that’s about it! However, their back yard was simply a dirt lot with a small slab of concrete outside the back door, and some weeds. About five weeks ago they finished the yard which is now a carpet of grass outlined by wood chips. They also have a space dedicated for harnessing the cats because, well, they are runners, and their neighbors have dogs. They go above and beyond to care for their little furry felines. If their attention to them is any indication of their parenting prowess, they will be just fine!

Now that they have all this open space, they host more often, and what great hosts they are! They are free to enjoy their barbecue patio, their drum set and a garage. Erica and Keegan, we wish you the best!