Summer is almost over in Sacramento. Fall is coming, Sacramento’s most beautiful season. The trees will start to change color. The temperature will drop but not too much and Sacramento’s 2014 real estate busy season will be behind us.

There are distinct advantages to listing your home for sale in Sacramento in the Fall though. From a less crowded market and better weather to serious buyers and great insight on pricing; Fall is a different kind of real estate market.

The beautiful fall weather in Sacramento sets the tone for colorful and eye catching real estate photography, cooler sunday open houses, and less homes on the market.

Priced correctly, your Sacramento home will sell just as quickly as listing in the summer.

The best presentation and use of resources will always pave the way to getting your house sold on time. Professional photography and Youtube videos, listing websites, social media sharing, and a knowledgeable agent are always necessary to getting the most from selling your home.

Here are a few articles to check out about listing in the Fall. Not all of them are from this year but still offer sage advice.

I ALMOST FORGOT! If you think you’ve missed the busy season and are feeling a little down well don’t forget that interest rates are still at historic lows so buyers are very much still interested in buying.

Along with less competition, there is the added bonus of less contingent offers--meaning, a quicker and usually more secure sale. But by the same token, if it is to be a contingent offer you also have the added bonus of that contingent sale having less competition, therefore having a somewhat easier time.