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3771 College Ave  |  Land Park  |  Sacramento

3771 College Ave  |  Land Park  |  Sacramento

Just reading the Sac Bee about the current and future development of Sacramento. We are finally reaching out of the downturn in a real way. The new housing and influx of people and culture will have many stimulating effects in the core of our city.

I didn't realize how many housing and neighborhood projects are going on in Sacramento. It feels like a mini boom. There are at least 6 projects in some sort of development. 

 The last boom saw suburbia expand and the periphery really reached out into the fields. This time though we seem to be trying to establish a better city center and core. Gotham begins… 

But seriously though we are building the starting places of our city’s future character. These ‘downtown suburbias’ as I’m calling them, are like suburbia in that they are not in the core but unlike suburbia they aren't trying to establish their own towns they are way points for the core to expand into. 

There also has to be community involvement to make these developments into real PLACES. Without the people and support that people need these won't ever be more than just buildings. With the new taxi services and the continual digitization of the real world there should be enough in the mix to make it interesting.

They hope to become apart of the core and drink at the teat of walkability, bike-ability, farmers markets, street culture, and frankly a lot of critically important city life things that have been missing from Sacramento. 

I think these developments will really strengthen our urban culture and be another step up on Sacramento’s rise in the International Community.

Technical Note: Increasing supply should dampen the slope of rising prices.

Courtesy www.northwestlanpark.com

Here is one development that is happening on the fringe of Land Park at Mcclatchy and 5th. Their stated goal is pretty alluring. They envisioned a neighborhood rather than just a typical housing development. They want the perfect urban oasis with sustainable buildings, shops, farmers markets, and close to downtown with the new arena!

Here is the website to check out the development and if it might appeal to you!