Sacramento is full of amazing people you wouldn’t expect to be here. John Mounier is one of those people. He has an unassuming and calm air about him despite being an award-winning documentary filmmaker. He's shot and produced for The New York Times, Good Day Sacramento, PBS, MTV, A&E, and TLC. 

John has been exploring Sacramento through his lens and microphone with one minute shorts focusing on people. His work captures what makes them unique. It’s like seeing each tree in the forest. 

Modern photography equipment has opened up a whole new way to produce video. Smaller equipment makes the camerman much more nimble and able to tackle subjects on their own terms without a crew. John is excited about the opportunities presented by smaller yet more powerful equipment.

The newly leveled playing field gives experienced producers the ability to execute without any barriers besides their own will. Big crews, high budgets, and large gear can mostly be substituted for experience, skill, and driving passion. The fundemental elements of filmmaking remain the same though. Taking a complex story with multiple perspectives and people to create a compelling and engaging film requires talent. Those talented people dedicated to the story, like John, are the best vanguard we have in this new era of filmmaking. 

John on filmmaking: “When we think about things that have happened to us, in our mind’s eye, we hit on images, tastes, smells, touches and emotions. We use narratives to form memories that end up shaping who we become, how we think of ourselves. When I make a film, I try and spend as much time as I can with my subject, using my camera to capture those images and emotions, weaving together a film that ends up being what I see when I look at a person. My work reflects this approach. I enjoy the process of getting to know someone and helping him or her find the narrative that will bring something positive.“

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