Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates beckons from the cold street on a mid-November evening. It looks bright and clean inside and the glass case is almost bursting with small chocolate delicacies.  In addition to rows and rows of perfect brown squares I can see varieties of nutty bark, colorful cookies and a rich dark cake. Those lucky patrons inside are treating themselves; or maybe planning to surprise a loved one. It’s a busy time of year for this small boutique chocolatier but I’ll just have to crowd in and get a closer look before deciding on what to take with me.

It’s a classy establishment through and through from it’s pink and bronze walls to the perfectly tied bows on the gift boxes. Taking the time to create a product that’s high in quality and an ambiance that conveys their passion for chocolate is not only appreciated by customers, it’s downright essential to who Ginger is as a business owner. She chooses to work with the premier producers of fair trade chocolate, local and certified dairy farmers, and award winning Sacramento designers such as Curtis Popp of Popp Littrell Architecture Interiors. Of course, she makes everything from scratch in order to precisely control each and every ingredient that goes into her constantly evolving creations.

Part of the joy in venturing into the boutique, located at 1801 L Street in Midtown, is allowing yourself to feel like a kid in a candy store! The energy inside is pure happiness; maybe customers are trying these treats for the first time, such as a Chocolate Ganache Macaron (not to be confused with it’s distant relative, the Macaroon) or perhaps they are marveling over the flavors, textures, and depth of a Ginger Elizabeth truffle cookie for the second time in one day! There are friendly faces behind the counter more than willing to give you additional information about the process or ingredients of anything that piques your curiosity; or they'll laugh with you as you try not to spend your entire paycheck in one visit!

As Michael puts it, “My experience there has always been nothing less than a sweet one! But truth be told it’s the word of mouth from others and their repeat visits that solidify this elegantly appointed “sweet shop”.

Here’s hoping that all you chocolate lovers out there will pay Ginger a visit and support our nationally ranked local chocolate goddess in the near future.

Store hours are: Tuesday-Thursday 10am-8pm, Friday & Saturday 10am-10pm, and Sunday 10am-5pm. Visit for more info.