Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Cristophel make up the dynamic duo that is L/C Mural & Design, a creative arts business focused on public murals. Their friendship harkens back to school days in Sacramento, but upon graduation from their respective colleges in 2008, they also became business partners and have succeeded in making art a viable career path ever since. These incredibly creative and hard-working women have founded a local business that not only gives them the opportunity to do what they love, but also give back to the city that they take pride in calling their own.

Take for example, one of their exciting public artworks entitled "Contagious Color". It is currently in progress on the concrete walls of the underpass at 12th and C Streets. The bright abstract painting with its blue streaks and pink patches as well as upgraded LED lighting will transform the dreary tunnel into a beautiful entryway to our city. Thousands of commuters travel through the underpass each day on their way to work, just as many of our city’s homeless walk this same route to and from Loaves and Fishes in need of food, shelter, and other survival services. It’s a busy thoroughfare and Sofia and Hennessey seek to uplift it with bright swaths of color that will have an impact on the entire community. They are both believers in diversity and the possibility of overcoming challenges; they are egalitarian and generous, sharing their artwork with all. “Contagious Color” hopes to unite all passers-by in a moment of positivity, and also to create a new visual identity for that area of Sacramento.

L/C Mural & Design has also completed large works in other neighborhoods and cities. The Davis water tower was their doing as well as murals at Burgers & Brew, Cuffs Boutique, The Sacramento Bingo Center, and Whole Foods in Davis to list a few. They have a large studio in the River District of Sacramento where they plan, design, and work.

After an initial water blasting treatment and priming work done by McCarthy Painting, Sofia and Hennessey will continue painting non-stop during this upcoming weekend to finish the entire surface of the bridge structure and pedestrian walls. Thanks in great part to support and funding from the City of Sacramento as well as the input of Sacramentans, we look forward to the effects of this urban transformation, as “Contagious Color” becomes a part of our local landscape.