With interest rates slowly on the rise many home buyers have been hit with having to re-imagine what size home they want and the uptick sometimes invalidates months of research and diligent searching.

It’s better to buy now and ride the market up for the next decade. Even choosing a reasonable home that needs a little work can be a great move because you’ll be able to update to what is current when you plan to sell.

With only about 30 days of inventory in the Sacramento area, the real estate market is churning quite quickly.

The current pace recently caught a few buyers off guard. They told me that they had found cute homes in the right locations. However they hadn’t been pre-qualified yet and the homes were gone by the time they got their ducks in a row.

It’s really unfortunate but that just goes to show that you have to be on top of your game in the current climate and there’s no better way to know this than working with someone knowledgeable.

Whether you rent or buy housing prices are set to rise. Those that can get into a mortgage will be safer than those stuck renting. As interest rates keep rising access is narrowed to purchasing and demand for rent increases.

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